Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Architectural gingerbread I see walking from home to the Post Office and back. It is kind of sad in a way that current building styles lack gratuitous touches of non-functional craftsmanship.
Jackson and Coburn Queen Anne house

Jackson St. Quincy schoolhouse

Jackson St. Dentist

Bell Bldg. Feather Bed Inn

Feather Bed Inn Feather Bed - Honeymoon Bad paint job

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blackbelt_oma said...

It is too bad that buildings these days take the most basic aspect of charming and enjoyable architecture, strip it of meaning, then building cartoon versions of them.

Most ornamentation was functional. It is hard to have different trades/materials/angles of a building meet together nicely, so then you add a fascia board: ta-dah! crown moulding: ta-dah! Iron stars on the sides of old houses were ends of tie-rods that keep the building held together. That's why Modernist architecture can be difficult and therefore expensive. It takes great craftsmanship to get the corners and junctures to meet nice and tightly.

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