Friday, April 22, 2011

Barn Quilts

I grew up in Pennsylvania, so I know about hex signs and distelfinks and such.
Quincy Barn Quilt
But today, walking to the grocery store with my canvas bag (it is Earth Day after all), I noticed that barn quilts have begun to appear here in Q-topia.
Japanese Lantern Barn Quilt
This one is a Japanese lantern motif on the Hop Sing cottage at Ada's Place.
Mike and Valerie quilting Ada's Place
Mike & Valerie caught in the act of "quilting" another Ada's Place cottage.
Witches Hat Barn Quilt


Lora said...

I like them! Are they painted wood?

Sierrosmith said...

Yes, these are painted on wood and then mounted on the building, but if you Google images for barn quilts, you will see a few painted directly onto the buildings.