Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Tree 2010

The Judge Thieler Tree

Here is the link to this year's day-by-day snapshots of the famous "Judge Thieler Tree" near the heart of beautiful downtown Quincy. By the way Leaf-peepers, it is a Sugar Maple, not a Norway maple! Also, many thanks to BlackOakNaturalist for my use of his photo above. His camera is much much much better than the puny cellphone I use to take the daily snapshot.

If you want to compare with last year, 2009 is here.

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Lora said...

I think that next time we head westerly it may be in the fall. Maybe do a bit of Central CA and head up the coast to see what October does out there because it doesn't do much at all here. We don't have many maple trees, just ginko and oaks and all they do is turn yellow and fall off to be rotted by all the rain.

Miss you guys, and hope you are doing well!