Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Driving the Message

More flags here and there.
Peace wagon(eer).


JMH said...

Nothing good can possibly happen in an RV labeled "FLAIR" with a license plate ending in -WHY. Consider yourself forewarned. The people who own this are likely praying Tibetan-style for forgiveness.

It's not yours, is it?

Sierrosmith said...

Ha! No, not mine.
With the exception of "-WP_", all Nevada plates that end with "-W__" are from Washoe County (Reno) which is only 80 miles from Quincy -- an easy 90-minute drive at legal speeds. I never saw a person (or a yeti) in or around it for the two days it was parked in this spot across the street from me, but I suspect that the owner was staying at the nearby cottages. Who knows why.

JMH said...

The cottages are ideally located for the business or pleasure traveler.