Monday, April 5, 2010

Snāpril no

In some places Easter Monday is a holiday.

Here it looks more like Christmas should.

Again, the tree today.


M.J. said...

You still have snow where you are?!? Yuck!

Lora said...

It was 75 and extra sunny here. My freckles have sprouted and I dare say that I even got a little bit pink, whilst out on the deck eating grilled seafood and steaks and drinking margaritas all day.

Maybe next year you can come to our house for Easter?

Sierrosmith said...

We BBQ'ed Saturday in the warm(ish) sunshine, and the Spring snow from a few days before was all gone. That's what makes this relapse hard to take. It's not that we still have snow, it's that we have it all over again.

Where we grew up there was "always" an Easter(ish) snowfall, but just one would have been enough. Maybe going to Philly for Spring break would not be a bad idea next year.

Jo said...

All of your snow pics are so Pretty! (I love snow, she says, while ducking things that get thrown at her head).