Thursday, November 27, 2008


It is not unusual for those who live in urbanity to find something about their place reported in a nationwide publication from time to time. It is not so ordinary in Q-topia. The December issue of Forbes magazine has an article about the annual Longboard races at [what was once] the local ski hill. Yes, there have been other stories about this in the fluff sections of newspapers as far away as Denver and Dallas, but nothing nationwide that I know of.

This ski hill is where my wife learned to ski as a youngster and where she taught others when she was in High School. The ski bus would take the kids in town there every winter weekend and school holiday. The Ski Club was supported by her Mom and her mom's friends. When our sons were small, we skied there if there was snow during our Christmas visits to the grandparents. Sadly the area was closed in the '90s when maintenance became impossible. There is a local effort to revive the area, I hope it succeeds.

Here is a slideshow and below is video from the 2008 events.

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